Discover Remarkable Hygiene Solutions for Your Kitchen! Our tailored kitchen hygiene consumables offer is a game-changer.

Unlock a fixed, low weekly rate, customized exclusively to your business needs.

With one tax invoice at the start of the agreement, we eliminate the hassle of multiple invoices, packing slips, and statements.Gone are the days of reordering and restocking concerns. Our qualified industrial chemical handlers (ERMA standards) ensure smooth replenishment during your least busy hours, saving you time and effort.

The true brilliance of The Set Menu lies in its budgeting ease. Sign up for a fixed contract spanning 1-3 years, guaranteeing no price hikes. Experience the convenience of a consistent weekly expense that you can count on. A complimentary review at three months and annual check-ins keep everyone content.

Embrace the benefits of our weekly hygiene consumables delivery:

  • Trim storage costs
  • Reduce overheads by curbing wastage and overstocking
  • Deter staff shrinkage

The Set Menu

Customized according to your needs for a low weekly cost:

  • Dishwasher rental
  • FREE dishwasher repairs

Streamlined supply and control of:

  • Dishwasher chemicals and detergents (registered on NZFSA website)
  • Your preferred selection from eco-conscious paper products (serviettes, hand towels, toilet tissue)
  • Handpicked options of paper towel and soap dispensers
  • A range of rubbish bags.