Navigating the legal landscape is a vital aspect of running a food business.


The New Zealand Food Act 2014

The New Zealand Food Act 2014 is a comprehensive piece of legislation that outlines regulations and requirements related to food safety, including hygiene practices. The Act introduces a risk-based approach to food safety, focusing on preventing issues rather than just responding to them.

Our Food Safety Programme (FSP) identifies, monitors, and manages potential hazards within your food business. This involves:

  • Developing an appropriate plan
  • Obtaining approval from the Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Regularly auditing to ensure its effectiveness.

We can help you meet your legal obligations

A Certificate of Compliance from the New Zealand Dishwasher Company not only provides a pass/fail status but also highlights any future maintenance issues – similar to a good mechanic during your vehicle’s Warrant of Fitness inspection.

We routinely measure your dishwasher and glasswasher directly against New Zealand health regulations during our regular maintenance inspections.

Your Certificate of Compliance not only assures that you are fulfilling your legal requirements, but it also gives you piece of mind.